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Doctor's Orders, Tony/Amanda, Carefree (1938), Rated MA (PBXI ENTRY)

Carefree is Fred and Ginger's eighth movie together. Tony Flagg (Fred) is a psychiatrist whose best friend Steve (Ralph Bellamy) insists that he psychoanalyze his reluctant fiancee Amanda Cooper (Ginger) to find out why she keeps putting off their wedding. Typically, Tony and Amanda fall for each other.

I thought I'd capitalize on the film's lampooning of psychiatry with a little pseudoscience of my own. Sexualness ensues.

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Writer's Block: Church & State

Should church and state always be separate? Why or why not? What should the nature of their relationship be?

Church and state have absolutely NOTHING to do with each other; the only sort of relationship they should have is that of a tax-paying business to the SECULAR institution that runs the country in which the church operates.

This is not a Christian country.

This is not a Christian country.

This is not a Christian country.

Church and state are separate beings and the church has no bearing on anything other than people's PERSONAL PRIVATE beliefs. It does not make laws, it only follows them. Church and state are disconnected and the church is inferior to the government; it obeys the law of the land but cannot influence it.

Moreover, the issues that most churches have with the American government are mostly to do with things found in the Bible such as homosexuality and abortion. The Bible may be the lawbook of Christians but it is not and never will be the lawbook of America. If it is forced to become so we're dooming the future of this country to ignorance, bigotry, and hate.

Real Christians don't judge. Real Christians know only God can judge.

Furthermore what people do behind closed doors when it comes to sex is no one's goddamned business. And if you are one of those people who believe that you have the right to tell people what they do sexually is wrong, please do some serious thinking. Ask yourself why you have any opinion at all on people's private, personal lives. And then examine your own life; your thoughts are unhealthy. Get help. And get real.

If abortion is made illegal, it will not cease. Accept it now: abortion will not stop because right-wing politicians want it to. What about rape victims? Incest victims? Unfit mothers? Ectopic pregnancies and pregnancies that threaten the life of the mother? Or of the fetus itself? If a woman can't get a safe, legal abortion, she will do it herself. Or she will go somewhere where she can get one, which incurs unnecessary and most likely unaffordable travel expenses and unreasonable danger to the mother. Self-admnistered abortion for lack of any other option would kill and injure far more women than anyone can imagine. Think about it: a young woman is abused and raped by her brother, her father, a cousin, whoever, and gets pregant. Aside from the incredible trauma of rape and sexual abuse, the genetic implications of inbreeding of that type are enormous. That child would be severely mentally and phsyically deformed and then the mother would be expected to raise that child concieved in hate and abuse? Please, explain to me the logic. The rapist doesn't even have to be a relative; a woman must have a choice. There must be a choice. There must always be a choice. And if you've never been raped, you'll never, ever understand. As a parent (if you are), as a human being, would you subject a woman to a life where the only choice she has to rid herself of a pregnancy is a coat hanger or drugs? Or throwing herself down a flight of stairs? Don't misunderstand me; I think abortion is a sad and terrible thing. I think partial birth abortion is heinous and should be outlawed. But abortion in the first trimester must remain legal. Up to the end of the first trimester a woman must have a choice. There will be fewer and safer abortions if they remain legal.

This is part of the reason I despise Sarah Palin so much; she has no concept of what it means to be a woman. None whatsover. I find her to be completely insane and as a woman I cannot stand her. I am not compelled to vote for her because she's female. Her vagina does not qualify her to lead: she is a madwoman. Go back and stare at Russia from your house, Mrs. Palin. You are no fit leader for this country and neither is that poor cancer-ridden old man who calls himself a politician. And one more thing: if you're such a traditionalist, Mrs. Palin, shouldn't you be home taking care of your children instead of showboating and lying on the national stage? And how is that daughter of yours who's having all that unChristian pre-marital sex? Keep slashing the budget for sex ed. I'm sure there are plenty of other things to do on your little patch of snow. Like hunting. Enjoy.

The bottom line is religion and government don't mix. If they are forced to, it will be a disaster.

Obama & Biden '08.
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Writer's Block: In Honor of President's Day, Bulleted for Easy Reading

Describe what you think makes a great president.
- A sense of reality: Something this administration lacked in spades. Corruption was so blatant these past eight years that our reputation, already not great with foreign countries, has gone so far down the shitter I fear for whoever gets into office next. We have no credibility.

- Awareness of the American public: In other words, awareness that the majority of the American population is so God-rotting stupid they re-elected Bush, and that most of the time, people really just want the status quo. Most of America is not aware that other countries exist beyond their own borders, other than a superficial awareness of what they were told in school; hell, most high schoolers can't find their country on a map. A good president has to, above all, maintain the status quo. People in this country don't give a shit about what's going on overseas or in The Iraq (God help us) as long as their daily lives are not disturbed. A good president will also have to be aware of the constant, enduring racism, sexism, and ignorance of the American people; if Barack Obama is elected, there will be assassination attempts on him constantly. If Hillary Clinton is elected, there will be assassination attempts on her constantly, because there are still people in this great, progressive nation of ours who still say (and forgive my use of these words, I use them only to make my point) no niggers and no cunts in the White House. There are still people in this nation who cannot stomach the thought of being presided over by anyone except a white Christian male from the South. And why not? The people whose votes actually counted in the last election (not counting those who were disenfranchised, of course) were white Christians from the South and Midwest. The blue states were outnumbered by the majority of the God-rotting stupid population who think that since Bush got us into this fruitless endeavor based on lies to assuage a personal vendetta war, he'd be the one to lead us out of it, in victorious. See how well their nefarious plan worked? A good president must be aware of who and what they have to work with, and regrettably in the case of America in 2008, it ain't much.

- Experience: Not as president, per se, but with American politicians, the law of the country, and the socio-economic aspects of politics. Hillary Clinton's plan for universal healthcare, while wonderful and rather socialistic of her, is unrealistic. I thank her for the thought anyway. It failed in Canada, rather spectacularly, and it will fail here unless Mrs. Clinton can come up with a plan to give free universal healthcare without taxing American citizens to infinity and beyond. In all other respects, however, having been First Lady for eight years, senator of New York State after that, and a lawyer in her own right, Mrs. Clinton seems eminently suited for the position. Barack Obama holds a degree from Harvard Law School and Columbia University. He is also a senator, and while I like Mr. Obama very much, I find his lack of experience in the grindhouse that is American politics rather unsettling, though he will have my vote if he wins the party nomination.

- Patience, Tolerance, and Good People Skills: Those three attributes are how rulers and presidents succeed. How do you think Hitler established the Third Reich? Admittedly he was lacking in tolerance, but patience and people skills he had in spades. If you have ever seen a speech made by Hitler, you don't even need to understand German to know that he was a great orator, and that was how he won the people over. He promised them the moon and stars and delivered his speeches in impeccable uniform, speaking from a platform emblazoned unmistakably with his symbols, and had around him at all times a coherent, faultless guard. People love nothing more than a good show, and an affable host. Hitler did both. Now I realize he was a mass-murdering fuckhead (to quote Eddie Izzard) and I hate him and what he stood for, but his campaign was damn good. All rulers and politicians can admire the organization if not the message behind it.  A good president must be able to relate to his or her public without losing the sense of power and authority that a leader must have. Tolerance is essential; any country will always be filled with idiots. A good president must realize this and tolerate it, as well as tolerating criticisms, religious differences, and general asshattery that will without a doubt occur.

- Education: No President Billy-Bob. Point made.

There's more, but for me, I'm looking for someone to fix our international policy and relations, sweep out the garbage from the Bush administration, and hopefully fire this fuckhead who's running the Fed since he seems to be masturbating constantly rather than paying attention to the goddamned inflation rate.
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An Open Letter to Britney Spears (Public Entry)

I know this is probably just a result of me being up at 2 AM and watching this E! True Hollywood Story on Current Britney... but it's there and I want to say it.

Dearest Britney,

You're probably used to hearing from fans all telling you how much they love you and adore you and want to be like you, and so on. I'd like to write to you to tell you some other things.

I listened to your first album for a little while; it was actually one of the first CDs I'd ever bought. I liked it for about four weeks, and then I put you right back on the rack with Christina and Mandy in the Triumvirate of Bubblegum Pop Princesses. You had some good tunes. It was the 90s. Whatever. I thought you were pretty and very Middle American and fresh-faced. Much like Christina (used to be) and Mandy Moore (still manages to be). You happen to be a beautiful girl when you're not cracked out or bald. I won't deny that. And your body is rockin' after two kids. For that I admire you.

But from a girl who looked up to you, sort of, I don't know what to say anymore! I'm tired of hearing about you in the news these days, because it's never anything good. The latest Mexican escapade with that random guy? Dude, Britney, please. You are not in love with him. Trust me.

Rosarita Beach. Sheesh.

In case you are not already aware, you have two beautiful little boys. And really, they are beautiful kids. Homegirl, you're a mother now. No matter how old you are, the bottom line is, you have kids now. I'm truly sorry you never got the chance to be a crazy 20-year-old. You see how well Lindsay's done with that. You've been performing all your life, and to be honest, you've made some amazing achievements. You worked your ass off! You're very talented, and I think anyone who denies that is stupid. But you're a mother now, and that means your days of partying, as much as this sucks, are consigned to the realms of shoulda-coulda-woulda. And quite frankly, I'd rather you didn't-a. Again, I'm so sorry you never got to do these things when you were at the age where it would be (slightly more) appropriate. But like I said, Jayden and Sean are the ones that matter now, and it would be amazing for you and for them if you got yourself back into their lives. They need you and you know what? You need them. As much as you make this "I'm a grown-up now!" facade, you need your babies. They are the ones who are going to love you no matter what. You owe them the same consideration.

I can't express how sorry I am that all this crappy shit has happened to you. I don't know what it's like to live in the spotlight, but I cringe when I see the footage of paparazzi storming you all the time. And you encourage it! That astounds me. For someone who has as many considerations as you, among them your children, I have to marvel at the fact that you felt going out without underwear was some kind of appropriate move. Publicity stunts are not what you need right now. That gets you the wrong kind of fame, my love, and that wrong kind of fame is unfortunately all you have, and unfortunately something you've brought on yourself. Britney, please. I don't know why you seem to hate yourself so much, because you really don't have reason to, but for God's sake, please get some help. You are not a monster, you are not a bad person, you do not deserve this misery. I wish there was a way to make you really, really believe that, because you don't seem to.

You're looking for stability in all the wrong places, because the only person who can give you the stability is you. Who's this Adnan dude? And your wigger ex-husband? Please, girl. You're the only person who can fix you. So give yourself the chance. Stay home. Dump that Adnan guy. For the love of Christ, do not go near Promises. That ain't rehab. That's a detox stop before you go out and get cracked out again. Do a real rehab, like Lindsay. See, she was pulling bullshit too, but she's locked herself in a rehab in Utah. Mormons are good for detox and rehab. They don't do much crazy stuff. And good for Lindsay. She needs the rehab, and the reality check. I congratulate her.

I'm not saying you should go back to being 1999 Britney. A) that's stupid, and B) it's impossible. You're 26, you're past it, you've moved on. But at least 1999 Britney didn't seem to hate herself as much as you seem to. Fame is fleeting. Aren't you sick of being on the news all the time? And not even for good things?

Here's another thing. Please redefine your idea of "fun." "Fun" does not mean going out and getting wasted every night. Yeah, it's "fun" to get into all those trendy little clubs, but trust me babygirl, they are not laughing with you. They're laughing at you. Everything you're doing is pushing your boys further and further away from you, and you're already at rock bottom. Please see that the only way out is up. Paris and Lindsay and all the other crackhead gals you hung out with were not your real friends. That whole deal is like 8th grade with alcohol and drugs and loud music thrown in. None of them are grown-ups who take real responsibility for themselves and their actions, so don't you turn into one of them. You and Lindsay worked hard for your money, and it's really not cute to snort your savings. Especially you, Brit, 'cause, angel, you gotta put those boys through life and college. Your mother isn't going to raise your children for you, and neither is your staff. You have to do it. You took the first step and brought them into this world; it's your job to guide them and put them on the right path in life, however that path may look. Educate them, love them, comfort them, support them, be behind them every step of the way, and life will turn around. The fact that you blatantly disregarded what the judge ordered you to do in terms of parenting classes is horrifying to me. You have got to love your babies. I know you do. Get out of your own way. I know you have it in you to fix all this. It's a matter of you growing up enough to say, "Yes, I want to be there for my children, and I want to get out of this rut I'm in, and I want to be normal again." You've made your money. You really don't need more, you really don't need to restart your career, and you really don't need any more media attention. Take your money, get some help, stay home, and prove that you deserve to have your boys back in your life. Prove, like Lindsay, that you can take control of this situation, because you definitely can. She did, and you can too. You have to want to. You have to want your sons back, you have to want to be just a plain old normal gal. You've had your chance to shine. You shone! You did great. Now please go home and raise your children. Raise them in what faith you see fit, in what clothes you see fit, in what home you see fit, but for God's sake be there and be clean. They're yours to love, and yours to lose. Don't lose them forever.

Love yourself, love yourself, love yourself. Ain't nobody can do it but you. LOVE YOURSELF. You deserve it. Love yourself.

Oh, and throw your little sister a great baby shower, and KEEP HER OFF THE STICK UNTIL SHE'S OLDER!

With much hope and love,