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Writer's Block: Church & State

Should church and state always be separate? Why or why not? What should the nature of their relationship be?

Church and state have absolutely NOTHING to do with each other; the only sort of relationship they should have is that of a tax-paying business to the SECULAR institution that runs the country in which the church operates.

This is not a Christian country.

This is not a Christian country.

This is not a Christian country.

Church and state are separate beings and the church has no bearing on anything other than people's PERSONAL PRIVATE beliefs. It does not make laws, it only follows them. Church and state are disconnected and the church is inferior to the government; it obeys the law of the land but cannot influence it.

Moreover, the issues that most churches have with the American government are mostly to do with things found in the Bible such as homosexuality and abortion. The Bible may be the lawbook of Christians but it is not and never will be the lawbook of America. If it is forced to become so we're dooming the future of this country to ignorance, bigotry, and hate.

Real Christians don't judge. Real Christians know only God can judge.

Furthermore what people do behind closed doors when it comes to sex is no one's goddamned business. And if you are one of those people who believe that you have the right to tell people what they do sexually is wrong, please do some serious thinking. Ask yourself why you have any opinion at all on people's private, personal lives. And then examine your own life; your thoughts are unhealthy. Get help. And get real.

If abortion is made illegal, it will not cease. Accept it now: abortion will not stop because right-wing politicians want it to. What about rape victims? Incest victims? Unfit mothers? Ectopic pregnancies and pregnancies that threaten the life of the mother? Or of the fetus itself? If a woman can't get a safe, legal abortion, she will do it herself. Or she will go somewhere where she can get one, which incurs unnecessary and most likely unaffordable travel expenses and unreasonable danger to the mother. Self-admnistered abortion for lack of any other option would kill and injure far more women than anyone can imagine. Think about it: a young woman is abused and raped by her brother, her father, a cousin, whoever, and gets pregant. Aside from the incredible trauma of rape and sexual abuse, the genetic implications of inbreeding of that type are enormous. That child would be severely mentally and phsyically deformed and then the mother would be expected to raise that child concieved in hate and abuse? Please, explain to me the logic. The rapist doesn't even have to be a relative; a woman must have a choice. There must be a choice. There must always be a choice. And if you've never been raped, you'll never, ever understand. As a parent (if you are), as a human being, would you subject a woman to a life where the only choice she has to rid herself of a pregnancy is a coat hanger or drugs? Or throwing herself down a flight of stairs? Don't misunderstand me; I think abortion is a sad and terrible thing. I think partial birth abortion is heinous and should be outlawed. But abortion in the first trimester must remain legal. Up to the end of the first trimester a woman must have a choice. There will be fewer and safer abortions if they remain legal.

This is part of the reason I despise Sarah Palin so much; she has no concept of what it means to be a woman. None whatsover. I find her to be completely insane and as a woman I cannot stand her. I am not compelled to vote for her because she's female. Her vagina does not qualify her to lead: she is a madwoman. Go back and stare at Russia from your house, Mrs. Palin. You are no fit leader for this country and neither is that poor cancer-ridden old man who calls himself a politician. And one more thing: if you're such a traditionalist, Mrs. Palin, shouldn't you be home taking care of your children instead of showboating and lying on the national stage? And how is that daughter of yours who's having all that unChristian pre-marital sex? Keep slashing the budget for sex ed. I'm sure there are plenty of other things to do on your little patch of snow. Like hunting. Enjoy.

The bottom line is religion and government don't mix. If they are forced to, it will be a disaster.

Obama & Biden '08.
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